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three diets one dinner
I live by three rules:
Rule #1: Always make your present company feel most welcome in your life.
Rule #2: Never ever panic.
Rule #3: I don't follow rules that are just stupid. 

I taught myself to cook after graduating from NYU's Studio Art program and moving to Lexington, Virginia. My husband graduated there from Washington and Lee. Then, we moved to Austin, TX. I fell in love with cooking and it has taken over as my primary creative outlet. I love learning new techniques and flavors in all my cooking. I am passionate about art, health, fitness and food. My daily challenge, since going paleo, is finding a healthy way to feed myself and my family without being a short-order cook.  I used to make three separate dinners, but that was expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Three Diets One Dinner is my solution to this dilemma. This blog provides you with healthy, inspired paleo recipes the whole family can enjoy. Occasionally I will throw in a tip or trick on sneaking vegetables in your meals. Living paleo in a non-paleo family is possible. 

Brittanie Duncan Austin

Check out my WEIGHT LOSS TIPS for the Paleo Diet. Here are my weight loss results:

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Why my family Isn't

Brittanie DuncanMy husband and son do not always eat the way I do. They eat can oatmeal, cereal and yogurt for breakfast. I probably ate steak this morning. They do not have the horrible issues I have with the standard American diet. It works for them. It does not work for me. That is all there is to it. Of course I encourage my family to eat whole, real foods and stress the importance of avoiding processed junk.  You'll notice a lot of sneaky veggies going into my dinners. Those are for all of us, but especially my son. He has such a vegetable aversion that you would think he is allergic to anything green! He throws up on the kitchen floor just at the smell of broccoli. He won't spit out a vegetable he tries--he will project it across the table, along with the rest of his dinner. He won't willingly touch a veggie and its a battle to which I have surrendered. So I hide his vegetables DEEP into food.  So I came up with a few tricks to incorporate all of our diets into one meal. And that is how threedietsonedinner was born. 
Here are some resources on what the Paleo diet is and how it works:

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  1. I really am enjoying reading through your blog. I found you through foodee. We live a paleo/whole9 type lifestlyle aside from the booze. I am still struggling to get this nasty baby weight ( about 20#) but Josh has lost over 70 # without even working out. I am super strong ( crossfitter) and look lean through my legs and arms and face....just this pouch on the front of me wont budge. Anyway I have an extremely picky daughter who is almost 6, will gag at the sight of most veggies as well. I am trying desperately to get her to try food, I hate yelling, I hate telling her she can't have dessert or leave the table. I feel like I will just end up caving, giving her her chicken nasty nuggets and letting her become an obese child like the rest of America does while my 4 year old daughter who will eat and try everything stays slender and healthy. Its so frustrating. I also have had ADHD my entire life. And with the decrease in Diet Coke I feel almost depressed lol. While we did the whole 30 I was seriously like....a zombie for 6 or 7 days. I don't even remember what happened. Anyway....can you see the ADHD? Yes ever present, I don't stop moving. I have not found that eating this way has helped me at all. But I can tell you when I sneak or cheat, I feel like my world is collapsing! I feel like crap the next day, dairy and I no longer are friends. Ok so I have been Paleo now for 18 months. I was 5 months pregnant when I started it and weighed less when I had him than when I became pregnant. I don't know why I just told you all this but I did LOL Just seems like we have similar stories! I am making your Spicy Indian Beef tonight. I will have to puree the spaghetti squash to put it in the burger otherwise, there is no way she will eat it. UGH.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Christen, you have inspired my next post. It will be entitled "The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss." I will outline my experience and advice for how to get rid of those last vanity pounds. Alot of paleo "gurus" will tell you that it is just your body type/genetics that are holding you back from your goals. They'll tell you that as long as you are healthy, don't worry about your body composition. UMM no. You can look hot if you want to. If you want a flat stomach, you CAN get it. You know its not going to be as easy as Susie single lady because you are a mom! I'm speaking from experience, as I had a big ol' baby in my tummy 4 years ago. They stretch you to oblivion. That being said, you can still get rid of ALLL that damage and have THE flat tummy you want. If I can do it, you can do it. Stay tuned for my weight loss post. Here is a little preview: You don't have to give up the booze, but you DO have to give up the diet coke.
      As for your daughter, she won't starve to death if you refuse her the chicken nuggets. Keep pureeing the veggies and sneaking them into meatballs and burgers. I hope you have an immersion blender! Make "french fries" out of everything from rutabaga to sweet potatoes to parsnips to carrots. Make paleo muffins (I'll post my recipe soon) and add shredded or pureed squash and zucchini. For the fruit thing, I'm surprised she won't eat strawberries! Try making her smoothies and market them as the crap she likes. You might want to try pureeing bananas, strawberries and coconut milk with a little honey, and then freezing into popsicles. If she takes to that, start phasing out the honey and phasing in darker berries, then eventually veggies. Once she starts to get a taste for the fruit, it'll get easier. You just have to be VERY PATIENT. The other suggestion I have is to purge your home of anything you don't want her to eat. I got rid of bread and while Donnie freaked out for a few days without his PB&Js, eventually he got over it and expects there to be beef jerky in the bread box now. This will be especially easy if the rest of your family is on board. Good luck and please keep me updated on your progress!

    2. I also found your blog through foodee. Looking forward to your blog post "The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss" (if you haven't already written it...I'm about to look through the site for more posts). Can't wait to try your chicken tortilla soup recipe! Thank you - Jennifer

    3. Here is my Weight Loss Post: http://www.threedietsonedinner.com/2012/07/the-paleo-diet-for-weight-loss.html

  2. Sorry if I end up with 2 posts on here! Doesn't look like my first one posted. Just started Paleo today, already craving the carbs! I too have hypothyroidism/tummy troubles. I plan to continue taking synthroid but agree with finding lifestyle changes to fix ailments. Tired of doctors who only treat the symptoms instead of fixing the underlying problems! Keep up the good work, love the blog. Would love to hear more about your exercise routine.

  3. I am still on Synthroid as well, but I have cut my dose by 2/3. My goal is to be rid of it completely! Thanks for the blog support. I plan on doing an exercise post very soon!

    1. Update: I am now off Synthroid. I tapered down my dose then stopped taking it completely. I have had no symptoms. I am so happy to completely free of any prescription medicine. From now on, its all Juice Plus and Fish Oil.

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  5. Bo,
    I found your page and have really enjoyed reading about your journey. I would love to try this lifestyle but I am emotionally attached to dairy products. I have been doing the glycemic load diet and find it very satisfying but would like to feel healthier and slimmer. BTW...you look great and your family is beautiful...take care...kim vidor

    1. Kim, CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations on taking control of your health. You look fantastic. The paleo diet is all about eliminating processed foods. Our bodies were designed to run on real, natural foods. As long as you can remember that, you will do very well. The dairy issue is a personal one. Some people, like my boys, can handle it just fine. Some people, like me, cannot and have symptoms such as digestive upset, acne, respiratory issues and trouble with weight control. I would encourage you to eliminate dairy for 30 days. You can do it. After that time, reintroduce it and see how you feel. Let me know if you try it and how you do! Good luck! Keep in touch ;)

  6. Okay, I really, really love your blog and recipes, and I hope I can get you excited about uploading your recipes (or some of them to FastPaleo.com!), if you haven't done so already. Each time you upload, we link back to your blog... and at over 25,000 followers it'll create a nice amount of traffic. I'd LOVE to see your name pop up there! I'm definitely coming back for more!


  7. I am doing the whole 30 and just found your site, and am so glad. Sounds like my family...three diets but three dinners =(

  8. I absolutely adore your blog! I'm having so many of the same issues you mentioned. I've taken medication for literally everything but nothing seems to help. After all that, I'm trying to change to a paleo/clean eating lifestyle! Thanks for the great tips and recipes!

  9. It's so interesting to read your story about weight trouble, tummy trouble and depression. It could have been my story. I have been low carbing the last 8 years or so, and have gone (without knowing it had a name:) more and more towards a paleo life style. I do however never ever have fruit since that is a trigger for an unstoppable craving and my tummy just crashes. I also have the occasional cheese, bot no other dairy at all.
    I was diagnosed with ADD last October and was put on Ritalin and my life has turned... I finally got the life I was supposed to have and I am so grateful. 40 years of suffering are over, now I have to focus on how to repair the damages.
    I have just started to blog to share my low carb cooking and also to try my new hobby, photographing what I cook.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  10. Wow Amazing story especially about all the drugs you kicked!! I am just new to the paleo way of life and taking care of what I put into my body! I have felt sluggish and tired for over 20 years and just recently (in the last 6 weeks) have completely cut out grains, legumes and dairy and I cannot believe how much energy I have! No more trouble waking up in the morning and don't get those afternoon crashes like I used too. I am looking forward to continuing on with this way of eating for the rest of my life. Thank you for your blog and for the inspiration you have given me today!!
    Krista from Canada

  11. That is awesome Bo! loved your bio...great story and fin attitude!@ I cracked up when I imagined your son and his Olympic strength veggie hurling (sounds like me when i was a kid).

    Now they look weird at me when i decline the bread at a restaurant and ask for broccoli.

    You have no clue how happy I am to hear that you've eliminated the drugs. The more people I can see get off of the American drug roller coaster the better IMO. I was Dx with ADD at the age of 18...but I denied them the opportunity to medicate me. There are those who really need medication, but most people are just victims of the drug industry.

    Going on 42 now, and though i always prided myself on being active and healthy, I was developing health issues. Acid reflux, IBS...I was worried that age was catching up on me. after my dad had a revolutionary life change by cutting out gluten, I decided to research gluten free diets and came across the paleo. decided to give it a go, and within a week my acid reflux was gone, and within two weeks my OBS symptoms disappeared.

    I have never felt more stable in my life, even when i was eating "healthy", with whole grains and the typical CW junk they feed you in the current media. more power to people like yourself and Mark Sisson (quickly becoming one of my nutrition mentors). Give your family my best, and Here's to hoping they eventually realize the power of Grok! ung!

  12. I just stumbled upon your blog and I have enjoyed reading through it. My husband and I are in the middle of a 30 day Paleo challenge, as an experiment for ourselves. We eat "clean" on a regular basis: lean protein, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, little grains and dairy, so it hasn't been too much of a stretch for us, except for dairy! I look forward to following your blog!

  13. I just stumbled on your blog too (I think it was through Just Eat Real Food). I'm hypothyroid as well. I had a "medical meltdown" last year where my allergy season in the spring didn't go away... at all. Finally broke down and saw an allergist in August, and not only did my amount of allergies increase (by an alarming amount) but I also acquired adult onset asthma (which contributed to the bulk of the issues). I cut out all dairy in late October, and experienced life-altering positive changes in as little as 48 hours! I started weaning myself off grain as well, and made the jump to total paleo the first of the year. Since going dairy free, I've dropped 25 of the 60 pounds I packed on while I was ill... WITHOUT EXERCISING. Mind blowing.

    I'm looking forward to even more and better as I continue in my paleo journey. My 79 year old mother and I live together, and I love the odd looks I get over what I eat (wait till she finds out that the "egg noodles" in the stew I have in the crockpot for tonite's dinner are turnip run through the spiralizer!!)

    I really don't miss grain... and although cheese was really hard for me at first, I've worked around that too. My brother is starting to get curious about this "thing" I'm doing... it's NOT a diet... it's a LIFESTYLE. I'm loving how much better my body feels... and that beats all the chhese in the world any day of the week, and twice on Sunday!!

    So you keep on keepin' on... paleo IS the way to go!

  14. Hey I just found your page a few days ago. After being vegetarian and on and off vegan (and trying to eat as little as possible for years!), it seems through self study and research that possibly my IBS, chronic fatigue and unexplained weight gain (I workout 6 days a week on top of being a professional dancer and aerialist so I do 6 high energy shows a week - I'm active) that I might be dealing with celiac and/or underactive thyroid. My husband agreed that I should experiment by cutting out gluten and soy and I decided to go whole hog, no grains, dairy or soy. Its been three days and I feel 10 times better. So I'm starting your paleo weight loss challenge. I live and work on a cruise ship but it seems this way of eating is way easier on the ship then vegan. I don't know how tall you are but 118 is my goal weight (I'm 130 now) and the only time I've seen it whilst not anorexic was last year when I went on a ketogenic diet briefly to see if it would turn around my fatigue (It did but I got really tired of eating cheese and eggs almost exclusively). Thanks for all the info and if you have any advice please, shoot it my way!

  15. Bo I love Paleo too and it is the best diet, lifestyle going. I hope I will meet someone who is open to this way of eating and life. I work with couples with Fertility issues doing acupuncture but really emphasize the diet and lifestyle importance. Would love for you to write something on my facebook page huffmanwellness.com about how the paleo diet helped you. I have gum disease and blood sugar issues so it works for me with no sugar, processed foods. It also keeps me creatively happy cooking and preparing my own meals when before i would always wonder what am I going to eat at the 11th hour when I would be starving and have to think okay "what am I going to eat, it is 9 PM.....ugh!" Hated that. Now the only thing I hate is the dishes. Sometimes I could use a second dishwasher but that does not stop me from wanted to creatively whip up another great Paleo dish! YUM! So today with 3 ripe bananas sitting on my counter I am going to make your banana bread. See who says you cannot have sweets and fun on Paleo. Later Shrimp cocktail boiled in carrots, celery, parsley, onion water with homemade cocktail sauce and last night Chris Kresser's Kale and Squash Salad(I used a cubed yam) utterly delcious!
    Thank you for sharing!

  16. I also love your second rule: "Never Panic" I was just thinking about this, this morning when I have so much to do and so little time. Now I just know that food is a priority and if I eat healthy everything else will get taken care of, cause I FEEL GOOD when I eat good even if it takes a little more time.
    I hope your right on the banana bread being sweet enough without maple syrup added. I would like that.


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