Sunday, September 14, 2014


Y'all. Today, Sunday September 14, 2014, is the best day of the year. Today is Texas Monthly's Annual BBQ Festival in Austin. But to me, it feels more like Christmas morning. Two workouts, some tummy stretches and meditation are on the agenda for this morning before we head out to the Long Center for VIP access to the meat bonanza. 

But first, what is Texas barbecue? The Marriott came up with this lovely little infographic I'd love to share with you. Know your beef, friends. This thing has some good advice for you fellow festival goers, i.e. DON'T WEAR WHITE. 
Link to original post by the Marriott

Here are a few pictures from last year. This year, our strategy involves more tupperware, labels, a home base and probably some warm up bloody marys. 

Proudest label I've ever had. 

This is the beginning of a meat-coma.

Greasy Fingers

Feeling pretty terrible at this point... 
Link to my first Texas Monthly BBQ Fest experience:

These are the joints that will be there this year:

AND Dale Watson is playing today! If you haven't heard him perform in Texas, you have to.

The only thing that could make this day better is if the weather was warmer and we had a backseat in this new beautiful addition to our family. Yeah. This happened. Who really needs a bathroom renovation anyway?

Song of the Day: Fire and Rain -- James Taylor

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