Monday, March 17, 2014


Boyfriends, husbands, mothers, best friends and everyone else: I have found the best gift you could ever give a girl. I mean ever. They are the custom textile leather Guate Boots from Teysha. Right now, they are literally my favorite tangible possession. The boots are beautiful, the gift is personal and she will wear them all the time. She will love the boots and you for giving them to her. 

While Teysha carries more than just the boots, this post is all about the Guate. They are just. so. cool.

Besides my college acceptance letter, I have never been more anxious to receive something in the mail. I was on pins and needles waiting for my birthday present to arrive! 

I've had mine (below) for 4 days, and I'm already tired of being stopped on the street, at my kid's school, in the grocery store and all over Instagram with people begging me to tell me where to find them! While I stumbled upon them on a cold day at the East Side Hope Farmer's Market, you can buy them online (link). 

Here is how it works: You go to their website and begin designing your boot. You choose the leather color from light brown, dark brown, red wine and black. Then you pick the textiles for the inside and outside panels. These textiles are handmade in Guatamala, as part of their artisan community. Choosing your own textile makes you part of the creative process, and it makes you feel all the more connected to the art of the boots. Finally you pick your sole (leather or rubber). Your boots are now designed. Next up? They custom measure your feet to ensure the most comfortable fit. If you are in the Austin area, Teysha will do the measuring for you. If not, they will walk you through the process of taking your own measurements. After you custom design your boots and your feet are measured, an immeasurable amount of creative passion from the Guatamalan artisans takes over. About eight weeks of childish giddiness and excitement not-unlike-waiting-for-Santa later, the boots are yours. 

The presentation is so personal. Your boots come in their own drawstring backpack (which is kind of like a separate gift in itself). The handmade leather tag attached to your new shoes features a list of the zapateros who worked directly on your boots. You can read all about them on the Teysha website

I hope you enjoyed my post about my boots. Sorry it's not a paleo recipe, but not sorry that I'm bragging about my rockin new kicks. 

Disclaimer: All opinions above are my own. 
Teysha did not compensate me whatsoever for this post. I did use photos from their website with their permission. 

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