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Welcome to Paleo in Austin! At the recommendation of my good friend and fellow food blogger, Natalie Paramore of, I am beginning a new blogging series of restaurant reviews. As a member and social chair of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, Swiss Army Knife of an upcoming BBQ restaurant and self-proclaimed foodie, I get around to a lot of great dining establishments in Austin. Lately, it has been a challenge keeping "paleo" on these adventures, so I'm going to refocus my sampling to showing you how to keep your paleo diet at resturaunts around town. I will highlight some of the menu items that are decidedly paleo and those you can modify to paleo.

Chicken Tikka Masala at G'raj Mahal
73 Rainey St. 
Austin, Texas
(512) 480-2255

First up, G'raj Mahal. G'raj Mahal was a revered food truck on Rainey St, known for its flawless Indian fare, bicycle decor and BYOB policy. It was perfectly charming and outrageously popular. When I heard they were opening a brick and mortar location, I was more than delighted. When they decided to host an Austin Food Blogger Alliance Happy Hour with a sampling of their menu, I was thrilled!
The Bicycle Bar! So neat. 
The interior space pays homage to the original trailer with all the bicycle decor!
Bold move with the pink patio lounge. You can't help but love it.
Romantic ceiling draperies on the patio
Chicken Tandoor, marinated in homemade yogurt
What I love about G'raj Mahal's menu is that it caters to many different diets. Not only does that appeal to a group like the AFBA, but for my family as well. Many of their dishes are gluten free and vegan friendly. That means you can add meat to any of those options and call it paleo! Their lamb is grass-fed and halal-blessed. Their beef and pork are pasture-raised and hormone-free. They locally and organically source their produce. Their focus is on clean, real food.

Many of their curries are made with coconut milk and cashew cream, not dairy. Just ask about them! This place is used to answering questions specific to their ingredients. As long as you avoid the rice and the naan, you're going to find a ton of great paleo options at G'raj Mahal.

At the food blogger happy hour we attended last night, we tried a variety of paleo-friendly options. My favorite was the chicken tikka masala, a buttery tomato and red pepper sauce with tender chicken. I loved their authentic tandoori chicken, traditionally made with their homemade yogurt. If you are steering clear of even the highest quality dairy, try one of their vegan curries: classic, madrasi, vindaloo and jalfrezi. Though I didn't try it last night, my favorite dishes from the original G'raj Mahal were always Goan specials. I love the Goan Coconut Curry with seafood.
Vegetable, Lamb and Chicken Curries. And my Teysha Boots!

Lamb Samosa-- I ate the insides =)

 Did you know that Food Bloggers are super fashionable and trendy? Just look at Oh Spooning's yellow tights and polka dots! Adorbs. And I actually have a fetish for FoodFetish's gorgeous blond locks.

Vegetable Pakora (not paleo). 
Hungry hungry bloggers.  

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