Thursday, July 25, 2013


Welcome to the Paleo Pen Pals Round-up for June! What? But it is the end of July, Brittanie! Duh... I know. Things have been crazy busy for me in my professional life, and so my beloved blogging has slowed down a bit. I hate it as much as you! If only there were more hours in a day...

Anywho, there is good news. Paleo Pen Pals will live on, after all. Co-founder Tarah and I are passing the torch to our friend and fellow blogger, Rachel of Grok Grub.
Before I get to that, if you still haven't heard the buzz about Paleo Pen Pals, you should get in on this party. It is a network of like-minded paleo bloggers who swap ingredients each month, create a recipe and share their creations in the blogosphere. Check out our facebook page to see what we are all about and to sign up. You can also read about Paleo Pen Pals on my intro post or What I Gather's intro post. Grok Grub will have her own very soon!

Before we get to the recipes, I want to mention that Paleo Pen Pals is always looking for sponsors. It takes a lot of effort and time to keep this running, and we have opened up an international network of Paleo bloggers, cooks and eaters. There are thousands of eyes on this network and they are all hungry for the caveman lifestyle. If you have a Paleo product that needs a voice, let's talk! Send us an email:  paleopenpals (at)

If you participated in this most recent swap, please sign up again! Any if you love us, which you do, please show it by putting a Paleo Pen Pals Badge up on your site. Instructions can be found here, in my intro post. 

Check out all these beautiful recipes by clicking on the links below each picture.
A big thanks to all our Paleo Pals!

 Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts from GROK GRUB

Thank you so much to Tarah of What I Gather for being my teammate in this culinary adventure. I know Rachel is going to do a great job of being the Paleo Pen Pal master. Thank you to all who participate and will continue to make this program a great success! See yall in a swap very soon. xoxo, 

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