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Are you going on a road trip this summer? Here is what you need to bring with you in the car:

I know, the last thing you want to hear about is all the awesome swag I get as a blogger. However, I encourage you to read this post as it is full of some really valuable information about paleo products that I highly reccommend you get for yourself and family. I encounter a lot of vendors at various events, but I am only writing about the ones I will faithfully use in the future. These are companies that I believe are doing it right, bringing you the highest quality, pure paleo nutrition that you seek to better yourself. I  will buy these products for my family and myself because I think they are optimal and beneficial to my wellness.

Things that don't come in a wrapper:
Avocado. It keeps you so full when you are on the road. Cut one in half, sprinkle it with curry powder, cayenne and salt. Eat with a spoon.
Hard-boiled eggs: no brainer
Deli Meats: Get the best quality you can find.
Cuties, baby peaches, baby apples, baby bananas- a great small serving of fruit. 
Olives & pickled vegetables
Carrots and mini peppers for dipping or eating with a nut butter (I recommend Barney Bare)
Pork Rinds: I won't recommend a brand, but if you want to make your own, check out my recipe here. Your local farmer will probably give you the pork skin for free if you ask!

Epic Bar: Meat, nuts and fruit together in a bar? You bet! Forget granola bars! These bars are full of nutritious grass-fed, nitrate-free meats, dried fruit and nuts. There is no soy, no gluten and no nonsense. These suckers are quickly showing up all over Texas in Whole Foods, crossfit gyms, farmers markets and good places like that. My favorite is the Turkey, Almond & Cranberry, but they also have a Bison, Bacon & Cranberry and a Beef, habenero & cherry. Yum Yum. These are going to get us through summer.

Paleo Powder: Started by a husband and wife team in Austin, Texas, Paleo Powder is the perfect seasoning blend for almost anything. I usually do not like pre-mixed blends for two reasons:
1) I like to make my own &
2) They are usually chocked full of MSG and gluten.
This blend, however, is the perfect combination of garlic, onion, peppers and spices -- more versatile than any I have made. Plus, it is 100% MSG and gluten free. 
Why am I mentioning this in a post mostly about to go snacks? One, I reccommend keeping a jar or dime bag of this stuff with you at all times. It livens up anything you are currently eating. Things I sprinkle it on when I'm not at home:
Bone broth, eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, omelet), salmon packets, tuna packets, egg salad, chicken salad, dehydrated seaweed snacks, avocado, salad, burgers, my tongue.  
My FAVORITE snack in the world right now is paleo powder on top of avocado. 

By the way, click the side bar to the right to buy your own Paleo Powder.

Sea Snax: Non-GMO, gluten-free and super nutrient rich with tons of vitamins and minerals, Sea Snax are the best alternative to chips. When I just want to munch mindlessly (which you should never do, but if you are human, you will), I grab these. The flavors are amazing, too. My faves are chipotle and wasabi.

Kalli Jerky:  If you don't want to ruin the gas-station jerky experience, steer clear of Kalli Jerky. You'll never be the same. Just like you can taste the chemicals of the vaccum-sealed preservative shit storm of Jack Links, you can taste the quality and purity of the grassfed beef in Kalli Jerky.

Primal Pacs: This is certifiably threedietsonedinner approved. In the car, we rip open one of these suckers and each family member dives in. My husband grabs the grassfed jerky, my son goes for the dried pineapple and I hit up the macadamia nuts. Everyone wins.

Quest Bars: Think Paleo Laffy Taffy. And protein. But most importantly, FIBER. My husband just about did backflips with the fiber content in these things. They really do taste like laffy taffy. I recommend the Coconut Cashew and the Vanilla Almond Crunch flavor.

Yawp! Bar: Yawp. Yawp. Yawp. These are Brittanie-crack. Organic almonds, dates, sunflower seeds, pepitas (my favorite). Simple ingredients, well combined and so easy to take with you. They are the paleo granola bar. You can eat it as a bar or crush it up into a granola to top a salad? I never get that far with these. They just go straight down.

YouBar: Youbar makes paleo bars. They have egg white protein, almond butter, coconut, dried fruit and flaxseed. Genius.

Barney Butter: This is the BEST almond butter in the whole wide world. Hands down. My husband heard about it in a magazine, we tried it and now we're smitten. It is made from almonds without the skin, so it is super smooth, like peanut butter. The "barney bare" only has two ingredients: almonds and palm fruit oil. It is my favorite thing to eat with a spoon, although rumor has it they are about to make it available in the squeeze pack! Yes!

Nature's Eats is a company out of Boerne, Texas. You can get their snacks in the produce aisles at HEB. My favorite is their salted marcona almonds, but they have tons of options for raw nuts for snacking: pistachios, almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts-- Their deluxe mix is a great option for road trips. They have dried fruit, too!

Seabear Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon - This is my new favorite protein snack. 22 grams of rich, savory salmon that you know is the best quality. All you need is a fork and a stop light to get in some awesome nutrients and protein on your road trip. I also like to sprinkle this with Paleo Powder for an extra flavor boost. Make sure you throw the wrapper away ASAP as a courtesy to your fellow passengers. Noone wants that hanging around in the car.
Do you have a paleo product you'd recommend for a road trip? Leave me a comment! Also, if you are a paleo producer, I'd love to try you out and review your snacks!

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  1. Hey Brittany! I am loving all of your posts. This is Rachel Goodwin from SAA, BTW. When I first saw your blog I was super impressed but was not committed at the time to make such a change in my diet. This week my fiance (Rich) and I have been eating a semi-paleo (s/g/d free diet) and we have been trying your tips and recipes! Today is day 4 and we are already feeling good! I made your paleo pumpkin scones for a breakfast treat this morning and it was a BIG hit. Anyway, Just wanted to say this post is brilliant and much appreciated as road trips are often an excuse for me to eat whatever the hell I want. Ok, I'm off to make some of your avocado dip/spread then will be celebrating the fourth. Have a great day! :)


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