Thursday, February 28, 2013


Welcome to the Paleo Pen Pals Round-up for February! If you still haven't heard the buzz about Paleo Pen Pals, it is a network of like-minded paleo bloggers who swap ingredients each month, create a recipe and share their creations in the blogosphere. Check out our 
facebook page to see what we are all about and to sign up. You can also read about Paleo Pen Pals on my intro post or What I Gather's intro post
Before we get to the recipes, I want to mention that Paleo Pen Pals is looking for sponsors. It takes a lot of effort and time to keep this running, and we have opened up an international network of Paleo bloggers, cooks and eaters. There are thousands of eyes on this network and they are all hungry for the caveman lifestyle. If you have a Paleo product that needs a voice, let's talk! Send us an email:  paleopenpals (at)

Check out all these beautiful recipes by clicking on the links below each picture.
A big thanks to all our Paleo Pals!

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  1. Those coconut shrimp look really good. So does the salmon soup. Those are all fun thins to eat and would be part of a regular diet. I think what attracts some people to Paleo is the fact that you can still have a wide variety of food.

    You can have all of your favorite vegetables and all kinds of animal products. If you only like seafood, you can stick to that.


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