Sunday, September 23, 2012


BBQ belly
I am utterly miserable. My misery is self-inflicted as I have stretched my stomach to its limits with the best barbeque in Texas. And I have zero regrets. The Duncans have just experienced the first of many annual trips to the Texas Monthly Barbeque Festival. Though this was our first year, it is the 3rd in its history. It was incredible. All of the best barbeque joints in Texas gathered today at the Long Center in Austin with samples of brisket, sausage, ribs and sauce. Sponsored by Sweet Leaf Iced Tea, Shiner Beer, Dripping Springs Vodka, Tillamook, Crown Royal, Ram, Central Market and Texas A&M, there was lots of swag to be had. In fact, I WON a gift basket from Dripping Springs, complete with a bottle of their vodka (my absolute favorite; it is the smoothest of all), bloody mary mix and a BBQ rub. I never win anything!

I ate 3 pounds of meat today. I know this because I weighed myself before and after. So today, I am a BBQ expert. Here is my rundown of my favorites of the day:

Best Sausage: Lambert's Downtown Barbeque
This sausage was not only juicy and flavorful, but it was studded with the perfect amount of jalapeno. Hands down, the best. The pulled pork was also simply delightful. Overall, Lambert's was my favorite of the day.
Best Brisket: Cousin's BBQ
The bark was thick and crunchy --  not too sweet; not too overwhelming either. A perfect crust to encase the juiciest lean brisket at the fair.
Best Beef Ribs: Louis Mueller 
Ever think a tree tasted good? No? The smoky oak flavor of these ribs might change your mind. Just make sure you eat over your plate as the meat might just fall off the bone into your lap.

The best sauce in Texas was not present. Luling certainly should have been there. The Duncans are such dedicated fans of the Luling Sauce that we had an entire case in our basement in Virginia for the three years we were there.

My man eating some delicious ribs
If I really wanted to freak myself out, I would calculate the grams of protein I ingested today. Tonight, dinner is not required. I think BBQ is at least the most paleo of all food festivals out there. On a related note, I ran into my mom's cousin and her husband at the festival. The last time I saw them was about a month ago at my family's river house. Since then, Mike (my mom's cousin's husband), has lost 10 pounds and no longer has any symptoms of reflux. His secret? Paleo. I love it.


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