Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Paleo Pizza! 

I did it!  I got my kid to eat veggies and LIKE it.  As a mom, if you have a kid who throws veggies up at you every time you attempt to feed them some, you know what a total triumph this is. My pizza crust was not nearly as crispy as I hoped it would be. I got the recipe from Detoxinista. Click the link for her recipe. It is basically cauliflower, goat cheese, egg and spices. I added a tablespoon of milled flaxseed for texture and fiber. Also, I added 1 tsp granulated garlic. Anyways, the kid LOVED it and told me it was the best crust he'd ever had. I will definitely make it again. There isn't a recipe tonight; just a way to make an easy Paleo/semi Paleo meal that made everyone happy.
Just scatter the toppings into your family's appropriate portions on the cooked crust.

heirloom tomato
roasted red peppers
caramelized onions
basil chiffonade
applegate farms uncured pepperoni--amazing!
chopped kalamata olives
crushed red pepper
pickled jalapenos

Three Diets, One Dinner

Stay tuned for my leftover breakfast post-- it includes a pizza omelet. YUMBUCKETS.


  1. Excellent dinner ideas. Very clear instructions. Great photos.

    1. Thank you so much Robin! I hope you enjoy browsing the blog!

  2. Yummy! Can I add this to my Paleo Diet food list?


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