Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our visit to Broadview Ranch

Eating real food that humans were designed to eat is the cornerstone of the ancestral health movement. That means we ought to eat animals that live the same way. What do I mean? Do you think cows were meant to eat grass? Yeah! So why are cows fed grain? To FATTEN THEM UP. Guess what- grains do the same thing to humans.  Read this great article by Mark Sisson on the importance of grass-fed beef. 

I also think it is important to know where your food comes from. I try my very best to buy everything locally from the farmers market and my meat processing guy.  It is actually pretty easy here in Lexington.   But this week, I wanted to go straight to the farm and see the delicious animals.
The mobile chicken coop was really cool. When the cows move from pasture to pasture, the chicken coops follow on a 3 day lag. The chickens get to eat all kinds of fat grub from the manure and spread out the natural fertilizer in the process. What a beautiful and natural system! 
It was a very cool experience to get a fresh egg for my son. The hen laid the egg, stood up and Donnie grabbed it. He thanked the chicken for his gift. Awesome. Then he ate it for lunch! Talk about fresh food! 

He was very excited to meet Maggie the horse.

Oh yeah-- The meat. I bought lots and can't wait to go get more! Look out for lots of meaty recipes here.

If you have the chance to take your kids to see where their food comes from, please do it. It was such a valuable experience for us. 

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