Thursday, March 15, 2012


And we are back!
I just got back in town yesterday after spring break in Texas for a week and a half! I ate so much good stuff while down there and have been paleo and otherwise inspired for upcoming blogs. As I am pretty tired today, tonight's dinner was kind of boring, and not really a recipe. In fact, I missed the Spicy Stewed Cabbage so much that I made it again.
No recipe tonight. Just baked potatoes, broiled organic italian chicken sausage and the cabbage:

Three Diets, One Dinner

Paleo: Cabbage and Sausage
Husband: Paleo + Baked Potato
Toddler: Baked Potato, Sausage and a banana

Stay tuned for Paleo Pork Medallions, Homemade Apple Sauce and Roasted Broccoli

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