Thursday, July 24, 2014


Base Culture's Paleo-friendly Sandwich Bread is a delicious natural alternative. Made with Almond Flour and Golden Flax, their loaves are great for sandwiches or a slice of toast (photo credit
Yes, you read that right. I've been making sandwiches. So many that I have to divide this post into two. Wait, but sandwiches aren't paleo! They are made with bread and cheese and horrible ingredients that don't work with this real-food movement.

True, but. If make your own grain-free bread, or order it from a wonderful source like Base Culture, you can start enjoying the sandwiches you miss so much. Of course, I'm giving away a loaf of their amazing Paleo Sandwich Bread at the end of this post. OMG it is so good. 

 Instead of your traditional PB&J or Turkey and Cheese sandys, I've created some paleo combinations you'll love! Stay tuned for the second installment of Paleo Sandwiches. I have so many ideas! 

Check out the highlighted links in some of these combinations for recipes and more! 

BLT. Mine was a Prociutto, Lettuce and Tomato with homemade Mayo. If you like bacon, use it!

Smoked Turkey (nitrate free) with Paleo Pesto and Red Onions

Brisket with Fennel Mint Coleslaw

Scrambled Eggs, Avocado and Smokey Chipotle Sauce 

Canadian Bacon, Sauteed Cinnamon Apples and Caramelized Onions

Seafood Salad with lettuce, red onions and cucumbers

Prosciutto, pureed Figs and Honey

Russian:  (roast beef) with sauerkraut and russian dressing
Do you want some Paleo Bread of your own?

Of course, what would a sandwich post be without a bread giveaway? BaseCulture has agreed to give a lucky winner some of their amazing sandwich bread. All you have to do is 

leave me a comment here with your favorite sandwich, paleo or otherwise, and your email address. 

For example: My mom's tuna salad, brittanie36 (at) gmail (dot) com

Good luck! You are going to love this bread and having a hand-held lunch again. 

I'll pick a winner, next week, on Thursday July 31, 2014

Song of the day: "Goddamn California" Will Hoge

Friday, July 18, 2014


If you follow my social media channels, you know that I recently got my first CSA produce box from Scroll down to the bottom for an easy giveaway to win a $50 gift card to Greenling! You can try out a CSA for free to see if you like the idea. That's what I did! Loved it.

CSAs are awesome because you get to :
1) Support local farms 2) Eat locally 3) Eat organic 4) Be forced to get creative with whatever shows up in the box!

Check out all that I made with the fabulous ingredients that came from Greenling!

Fennel Mint Slaw
serves 6-8
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
1 Tablespoon minced onion
1 teaspoon honey
1/4 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 Red Radishes, sliced thin
1/2 head green cabbage, sliced thin
1 bulb fennel, sliced thin (reserve the tops)
1 Tablespoon mint, minced

In a large bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, onion, honey, olive oil, dijon mustard and salt. Add the remaining ingredients and toss to coat. Chop up about 1/3 cup of the tops of the fennel fronds. Toss those into the mix. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. Can be made up to 12 hours ahead! 

So what exactly is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Each week (or however often you choose), you are sent a big box of seasonal produce from your local farm. With Greenling, the produce comes from a few local farms. You don't pick what you get-- it comes to you based on availability. I like this because it forces you to get creative in the kitchen. For example, I had never cooked with fennel before, and I was excited to do so. But, I had all these other beautiful ingredients I wanted to incorporate as well. I would have never made this fennel mint slaw without this CSA box. 

This is what my delivery looked like (I know, my shoes are adorable):

Included in my CSA box was local, fresh, organic:
- Fennel
- Sweet Potatoes
- Oranges
- Avocados
- Strawberries
- Kale
- Broccoli
- Mint
- Mixed Salad Greens
- Radishe

That's a ton of produce for $35.99! I made so many meals out of it. I loved using the ingredients in smoothies in the morning, fresh salads for lunch and creative side dishes for dinner. 

I served the fennel mint slaw with roasted root vegetables. I bought the baby carrots at the grocery store (I always have them on hand) and the sweet potatoes came from the CSA box! I tossed them in melted coconut oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and cinnamon and roasted them at 425º for 25 minutes. I make these all the time!

How should you serve fennel mint slaw? With friends and family, pork belly and roasted root vegetables, of course! How lovely. 

 Look! It's Corben Thomas! He's mad at me for making him eat so much pork belly:

I made a simple salad with the mixed greens from the CSA box and my Chili Lime Pepitas:

Greenling is more than just a CSA delivery. They round up local, organic products from produce to pantry. They also have meal kits for those of you who are not so culinarily-inclined. They wanted me to try out their newest meals, Paleo Kits

Spicy Turkey Skillet
Thai Lettuce Wraps
Paleo Breakfast Bowls

The ingredients come pre-chopped, sorted and measured for you. The recipes with detailed instructions come with it. All you have to do is follow the easy directions and eat! 

The paleo kits come with a pound of meat, but with an option to include a second pound. I think the second pound is absolutely necessary, especially if you are feeding two people. 

Easy ingredient prep:

Spicy Turkey Skillet:

Greenling would like you to try out some of their Paleo Meal Kits, too! 
I am giving away a $50 gift card to a lucky reader!

If you'd like to try them out, leave me a comment here with your favorite song and your email address. 

For example: Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughn;  brittanie36 (at) gmail (dot) com

I'll pick a random winner Friday, July 25, 2014. 
Good luck!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


I owe this recipe to my five-year-old. Yep, my kid suggested that we make "Honey-Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Strawberries." When he was really little, I would make him a snack with halved strawberries topped with goat cheese and toasted almonds, drizzled with a little honey. I guess he hasn't forgotten! Anyway, it was genius to turn this into ice cream. I'm so proud of my little man! He wants to go to cooking camp this summer, but I'm thinking he'd be better off teaching one! 

Goat cheese isn't decidedly "paleo" because it is dairy, BUT, some people with sensitivities to casein may find this more tolerable. If you are going to have dairy, goat cheese is sometimes the lesser of two evils. Why? I dunno, Google It! It's something about a significantly smaller amount of casein and lactose, and its natural homogenization, making it less processed than cow cheese. Plus its delicious. I love the tangy flavor of goat cheese. In this ice-cream, it is perfectly balanced out by the honey and sweet strawberries. I used almond milk in this recipe instead of coconut because the almond flavor is perfect with the rest of the ingredients. Sometimes coconut milk can be a dominating flavor, so if you can use almond milk, do. 

You'll need an ice cream maker for this recipe. I love mine-- It's a wooden Cuisnart version we got it for our wedding 6 years ago and it still rocks out. I highly recommend it!

Strawberry Honey Goat Cheese Ice Cream
makes 1 quart
8 ounces goat cheese, at room temperature
2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1/3-1/2 cup honey
4 egg yolks
1 teaspoon liquid stevia
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1 cup fresh strawberries
toasted slivered almonds, for garnish

Heat almond milk and honey in a medium saucepan over medium heat. In a medium bowl, whisk the egg yolks, stevia, vanilla, almond extract and salt vigorously until the yolks begin to turn a pale yellow, about a minute. When the almond milk starts to bubble around the edges of the saucepan, take it off the heat. Now you are going to temper the eggs (heat them without scrambling). To do that, slowly pour about a cup of the hot almond milk into the eggs, while whisking constantly. Continue to whisk in the remaining almond milk. Pour the entire mixture back into the saucepan and continue to cook, stirring often, about 5 minutes. Strain the mixture into an airtight container and put it in the fridge. When the mixture is totally cooled (either 12 hours in the fridge or--I cheated--1.5 hours in the freezer), run it through your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions. While the ice cream is churning, chop strawberries or roughly pulse in a food processor. When the ice cream is about a minute away from finished churning, add the strawberries. Return the ice cream to its airtight container and freeze for about an hour before serving. Serve with chopped, toasted almonds!

I am not a huge fan of ice cream, but I have found myself dreaming about this stuff all day. If you have ever made "paleo" ice cream before, you have probably been frustrated with an icy, grainy texture. This is not that. This stuff is unbelievably creamy. It kind of tastes like Jeni's, which is famous for its creamy texture. Their secret is cream cheese. Goat cheese apparently works just as well. 

July is National Ice Cream Month. After this successful experiment, I'm going to extract as many genius ice cream recipes out of my kid as possible. We tried out a pistachio-avocado recipe last week, but it wasn't that great. A swing and a miss. Oh well. Next up I think we'll try his favorite, mint chocolate chip. I want to try peach ice cream with some roadside peaches we pick up on the way out to my river house in Fredericksburg this weekend. What else? 

I've suddenly and unexpectedly found myself with a lot of time on my hands. While this hiatus is temporary, I look forward to catching up on blogging and moving forward with my cookbook! If you are a follower of my blog and there are any recipes you want me to "make paleo," or think I should blog about, please leave me a comment! Now is the time-- you have my attention! Also, if you follow my social media outlets and there have been weird things showing up, I'm sorry. My phone went swimming and short-circuited, and now it has a mind of its own. It has been making calls, playing music unexpectedly, deleting contacts, tweeting and instagramming without my instruction. Hopefully this will be resolved in the next couple of days-- what bad luck! Kind of funny though... 

Song of the day: "Let Go" by RAC

What's up with the song of the day? Someone asked me that the other day and the answer is this: I love how songs can really speak to how you are feeling on any given day. Some, in particular, resonate with my mood, what I'm going through, how I'm feeling, etc. Sometimes, it's just a great tune that lifts my spirits. Anyway, like yoga helps you connect your mind and body, I think music can connect your reality to your soul. It's socially acceptable poetry-- and I love it. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


No big deal, but we're fancy. Because we had lobster on Saturday night.

My son had just gotten back from Camp Mimi, a whole week with his grandmother, so we wanted to have a special welcome for him. So on Saturday afternoon, the family went to Central Market, picked a live lobster from the tank, named him Zoidberg and brought him home. He spent the rest of the day attempting to escape from the cooler before he met a terrible death. Read on to learn how its done! 

Your lobster needs to breathe. When you get him from the tank, bring him home in a large bag with another bag of ice inside. Keep the bag slightly open so the guy can breathe. When you get home, fill a small cooler 1/3 full of ice. Put your lobster in. Don't close the lid all the way. Use a wooden spoon or something to prop open the lid so he can breathe. 

When you are ready to execute your new pet for the day, fill a BIG pot with about a gallon of water. Add a lot of salt, like 1/4 cup to the water. You want it to be salty like the ocean. Bring it to a boil. 

Grab Zoidberg and flip him over. He's going to do a back dive into the pot. Make sure you clip off those rubber bands-- watch out for the pinchers. That lobster is stronger than you could ever imagine. Mine grabbed the scissors and would not let go. 

Drop the lobster in the boiling water, upside down and head first. Make sure he is completely submerged. Watch out-- it might freak out and start flipping his tail, splashing you with HOT ass water. It won't last long though. That sucker is dead now. When the water comes back up to a boil, set your timer to 12 minutes. After twelve minutes, the lobster should be bright red and cooked through. 
Remove the lobster from the pot and set on a cutting board to rest. When it is cool enough the handle, pull the tail off of the body. Using kitchen scissors, cut the tail shell in half, first on the soft side, then the hard side. Use a large knife to cut the meat, creating two separate halves of the tail. They look so pretty served like this! Next, use a nut cracker to crack open the claws and scoop out the meat. Not as pretty, but just as tasty. 

Serve drizzled with or dunked in melted butter. Save some meat for your morning omelet! 

Song o' the Day: Now is the Start; A Fine Frenzy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I only sort-of cooked tonight. As much as I love making everything from scratch, I've been running shorter and shorter on time for such things. So I decided to take some short cuts on this evening's dinner. 

First of all, you need to gather up three things:
1. Delicious brisket
2. Paleo Tortillas
3. Paleo Enchilada Sauce 

I get my brisket from Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in Llano, Texas. You can find it in New Braunfels and Ft. Worth, too! You may know that I work for Coopers, and we are super excited to be opening our 4th store in Austin later this year! The brisket at Cooper's is not over-smoked, like some Texas brisket can be, which is perfect for this application. 

Oh my GGOSHHHH. That's some sexy brisket. 

Then you're going to have to find some 505 Southwestern Enchilada Sauce. 505 is a company out of New Mexico that makes amazing gluten free sauces you can use in all kinds of ways. They use rice-flour when necessary to thicken it, so it isn't 100% grain-free, but it certainly a great paleo-friendly option. Most people don't negatively react to rice flour, and there isn't too much. I approve. 

505 Southwestern sent me a wonderful mixed sampler of their sauces, including: Diced Flame Roasted Green Chile, Red Chile Enchilada & Tamale Sauce, Green Chile Sauce and our Honey Chipotle Green Chile Salsa. I used the Hot Green Chile sauce, but you could use most any of them! 

You'll also need to pick up some Paleo Tortillas. I got mine from my favorite Paleo restaurant in Austin, Picnik. They carry a brand called Pinkies Paleotillas, which are best for this dish. You can also make your own, but these were amazing! 

Now mix 4 cups of brisket with 1 cup of sauce and divide it into filling 10 Paleotillas.  

Preheat the oven to 350º. Spread 1/4 cup of sauce on the bottom of a casserole baking dish. Lay the enchiladas, seam side down over the sauce. Now spread the rest of the sauce on top of the enchiladas. If you are making some non-paleo versions, sprinkle cheese over some of them. 

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Serve with avocados, fresh cilantro and pickled onions!

These were amazing. 505 Southwestern would like you to try them out as well. You can buy the sauce at H.E.B. now and Safeway soon, but you can win some here, too! 

If you'd like to try them out, leave me a comment here with your favorite pre-made paleo ingredient or product 
and your email address. 

For example: Yawp Bars. brittanie36 (at) gmail (dot) com

I'll pick a random winner Wednesday, June 25, 2014. 
Good luck!!

Feel good song of the day: Berzerk Eminem 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The title sums it up. It really does rock.

My friends Julie from PaleOMG and George from Civilized Caveman teamed up on this amazing project called the Paleo Kitchen. What I love about this book is that the recipes are truly tested. Everything I made from it came out exactly as it should have. I look forward to making more and more from this beautiful book. I hope these two brilliant bloggers keep up the good work and stick together for future projects.

Here is what I made:

Chicken Apricot Cauliflower Curry-- This was one of those surprisingly comforting dishes. With exotic flavors, you wouldn't expect this to be so warming and homey, but it was. It reminds me of my favorite recipe by Melissa Joulwan, East African Chicken Stew. That recipe is my favorite recipe in the whole world. 

If for nothing else, get this book to learn how to make mayonnaise in 20 seconds. It's magical.

20 second mayo + Pistachio Pesto; Put it all together for Creamy Pesto Chicken Salad! Great lunch!

Finally, we made the Coffee Pecan Ice Cream. It was my absolute favorite. I didn't get a photo of it, because we ate it all up. It was amazing. I'll make it again and update this page when I do!

So you want a copy? Leave me a comment below with your biggest vice and your email address. For example:
Wine. brittanie36 (at) gmail (dot) com. 


Song of the Day: California by the Roosevelts. Scratch that, ANYTHING by the Roosevelts. Cold Sheets; Don't Wanna Let You Go; Right Here-- I discovered them this past weekend in NY, even though they are from Austin. If you haven't heard them, Spotify that shit right now! 

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